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"Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since he Who is ignorant of it cannot know the other sciences or the things of this world".

Mathematics is generally recognised just as a subject in their curriculum by the students; but the important role it plays in daily life is not focused. To increase interest in the subject and to understand what really mathematics is, other than a mere subject, the whole Talent Search project has been established. It will surely make students think out of box and enjoy the subject.

Our Aim

In JMMC RESEARCH FOUNDATION our primary aim is to find out young talents who remain otherwise unrecognized inspite of their capabilities in some such matters. Our approach is purely social and humanitarian at the present moment.

However, we believe their active participation in the subjects may help them a great deal at a later time in life to find employement according to their abilities.

An expression of our good will

You will feel happy and proud to know that a part of the proceeds from the sale of this form will go to help some of your poor and meritorious friends ---- A TOKEN OF OUR SINCERE DESIRE IN THE SERVICE OF THE NATION.

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